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Disc 1 : 1. SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY (Promo Film Version) 2. STORMY WEATHER (Unreleased Mix) 3. BEAUCOUPS OF BLUES (Studio Outtake) 4. COOCHY COOCHY (Studio Outtake) 5. THE WISHING BOOK (Studio Outtake) 6. NASHVILLE JAM (Studio Outtake) 7. BAND OF STEEL (Studio Outtake) 8. WOMAN OF THE NIGHT (Studio Outtake) 9. NASHVILLE FREAKOUT (Studio Outtake) 10. IT DON’T COME EASY (Acetate Mix) 11. EARLY 1970 (Single Version) 12. BACK OFF BOOGALOO (Single Version) 13. BLINDMAN (Single Version) 14. I’M THE GREATEST (Alternate Mix) 15. PHOTOGRAPH (Rough Mix) 16. HAVE YOU SEEN MY BABY (HOLD ON) (Rough Mix) 17. SUNSHIME LIFE FOR ME (SAIL AWAY RAYMOND) (Alternate Mix) 18. YOU’RE SIXTEEN (Rough Mix) 19. OH MY MY (Rough Mix) 20. SIX O’CLOCK (Rough Mix) 21. YOU AND ME (BABE) (Short Version)

Disc 2 : 1. IT DON’T COME EASY (Rough Mix) 2. DOWN AND OUT (Studio Outtake) 3. (IT’S ALL DOWN TO) GOODNIGHT VIENNA (Studio Outtake) 4. ONLY YOU ‘(AND YOU ALONE) (Original John’s Demo) 5. NO NO SONG (TV Show 1975) 6. SNOOKEROO (Single Version) 7. SCOUSE THE MOUSE 8. LIVING IN A PET SHOP 9. SHE’S SO IN LOVE 10. ON WAY LOVE AFFAIR 11. DEAD GIVEAWAY 12. PRIVATE PROPERTY 13. WRACK MY BRAIN 14. I CALL YOUR NAME (John Lennon a Tribute) 15. WEIGHT OF THE WORLD (Rough Mix) 16. LA DE DA (Alternate Mix) 17. DRIFT AWAY (Early Version with Steven Tyler) 18. NEVER WITHOUT YOU (Song for George Harrison) 19. IT’S LOVE (Single Version) 20. HEY, WOULD YOU HOLD IT DOWN (A Tribute To Roger Miller) 21. WISH I WAS A POWERPUFF GIRL (Single Version) 22. BOYS (Live from Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame with Green Day) 23. WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS (Live from Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame with Paul McCartney and All Stars) 24. I WANNA BE YOUR MAN (Live from Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame with Paul McCartney and All Stars)

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